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Navigators Community Development

Navigators Community Development, registration number (2006/030513/08) is a Non-Profit Company based on the shores of Simon’s Town. Navigators Community Development was founded in 2006, and its founding members have been doing projects for the previously disadvantaged and less fortunate on an Ad Hoc basis since inception. These projects include: educating and assisting the underprivileged, as well as having a soup kitchen and feeding schemes for the less fortunate in the surrounding areas of Simon’s Town.

Navigators Community Development has signed an agreement with the City of Cape Town to purchase a state-owned property. This property was awarded to Navigators after a tender process, in order for Navigators to establish an accredited skills transfer centre. This centre aims to empower and educate the previously disadvantaged youth of the surrounding areas of Simon’s Town.


Navigators Community Development Vision

Our vision is to implement training programs, which are accredited by various SETA’s, to low income youth and high school graduates. Our programs cater to individuals who are interested in upskilling themselves by being further educated so that they have a better chance of becoming employable.


Navigators Community Development Mission

Navigators Community Development’s mission is to utilise the transfer of skills and development as a means of transforming the youth to become practically ready for the workplace and more competitive in the labour force.


Navigators Community Development Goal

Navigators Community Development’s goal is to ensure that the youth and previously disadvantaged, who wish to be employed, have the necessary skills required by the accredited relevant SETA’s, helping them to become economically functional members of society.